How to eat without restrictions and stabilize your weight
Learn to manage your weight and improve your relationship with food
Get to know what prevents you from weight stabilization
Get your eating habits diagnosed quickly
Discover how much time you need to change them
Why 15-50% of meals result in overeating
Overeating just for a company
Daily overeating
Emotional overeating (can't stop eating when it tastes good)
Imposed dietary beliefs (everyone benefits from your overeating
Factors to take into account for weight stabilization
Get to know what to pay attention to before eating
Choose the diagnostics that will help you stabilize your weight
Get to know what to pay attention to after eating
Discover how much time the diagnostics will take
Meal Schedule based on your lifestyle
Learn to recognize and anticipate hunger

Take the 1st step toward intuitive eating
Arrange a rational meal schedule
Analyze various situations based on specific examples

How to beat emotional and stress eating
Find out how mindful eating benefits weight stabilization
Discover how strong emotions and stress influence your weight
Learn to cope with stress without food
Get to know how to keep your emotions under control
How to improve self-esteem and fall in love with yourself
Reveal how self-esteem influences your eating
Discover how imposed body images affect your emotions and weight
Learn the importance of defining the things that affect your self-esteem
Get to know how to stop focusing on weight and nutrition
Get rid of troubling thoughts that prevent weight stabilization
Get to know how thoughts become obsessive
Learn how your beliefs distort your thoughts about food and body
Unearth how to eliminate obsessive thoughts without food
Analyze numerous examples
How to curb cravings for forbidden products
Understand why the forbidden is always so tempting
Learn how forbidden products may lead to emotional breakdowns
Analyze the situations when people use forbidden products as a reward
Work on curbing the cravings for forbidden products
Intuitive eating basics: ideal diet and
healthy weight
Take a look at intuitive eating principles
Get familiar with the most adaptive eating method
Learn to choose products wisely
Master the skill of planning your shopping
How to save your results once
and for all
Learn how to find time and inner strength to improve your relationship with food
Now you know about nutrition more than
90% of people
Get step-by-step instructions to consolidate the obtained skills
Discover how to act when hard to cope with emotions or desperately crave to eat something
DAY 10
Intuitive eating challenge
Eating just because
it tastes good and
feeling sick after
Guilt about food
and appearance
Overeating and
Emotional and
stress eating
Intuitive eater
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