Weight stabilization and eating habit improvement
Stabilize your weight once and for all!
FoodMate — A course on Intuitive and Mindful eating!
Feeling guilty for food and body image?
Can't control yourself if have access to sweets?
Tired of Yo-yo dieting?
Weight stabilization and eating habit improvement
and snacking
Craving for sweets
and fast food
Emotional and
stress eating
Anxiety about food
and body image
You'll figure out easily what it is you want to eat and become more confident!
10 modules with theory and practice, 30-40 minutes each. Take them at any time. The results will stay with you forever.
Spend just 7 hours on the course to get rid of:
As soon as you obtain the knowledge and skills, we'll come up with step-by-step instructions on eliminating the factors that interfere with stabilizing your weight and creating the ideal diet
Even the very first 5 minutes will be informative! Our tests will help you figure out what prevents you from eating your favorite meals without harming your body.
Another 5 minutes, and you'll get a meal schedule that will help you avoid overeating and snacking. No limits or pangs of hunger!
Diagnostics. Spend 10 minutes a day during a week, and we'll identify 90% of the factors that prevent you from stabilizing your weight. Plus, we'll develop a strategy for eliminating them. The Food Diary and its Analytics (based on artificial intelligence) will help us reach this goal faster.
During the diagnostic process, you'll get the knowledge and skills necessary for creating your ideal diet and dealing with emotions and stress without food.
How it works?
FoodMate stops dieting and body checking!
Intuitive eating will solve the problems of:
Overeating and snacking
Anxiety about food and body image
Emotional and stress eating
Craving for sweets and fast food
Hundreds of users trust us!
Rinat Karlin
"Bought FoodMate for my wife but got hooked on it myself. Very useful! Thanks."
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Krakov, Poland
"I look after my health, relying on medical and psychological studies. FoodMate is based on them. So, I lose weight without harming my health."
Chicago, USA
"No more exhausting diets! While my friends keep eating buckwheat and drinking kefir, I eat whatever I want! FoodMate is a godsend!"
Toronto, Canada
Let go of food rules, negative body image, "bad" foods, and the shame and fear associated with food.
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